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The Oyster River Youth Initiative

February 17th, 2009  |  Published in Uncategorized

The proceeds from The Bobcat Bolt will be donated to the Oyster River Youth Initiative in the names of Josh and Nate Hardy.

Oyster River Youth Initiative description:
The Oyster River Youth Initiative is designed to expand support and resources for teens in our community through a variety of programs and opportunities. One goal is to provide a welcoming, dynamic, youth-oriented facility that is available after school for those who are not already engaged in other extra-curricular, work or internship commitments. Currently, plans are underway to create a youth center for after-hours recreation, relaxation and connecting over good food and great music. The Center will be available to teens with the hope of also providing a weekend venue for music, entertainment and the arts. Additionally, the goal of the Initiative is to provide mentoring opportunities with area youth in order to provide greater academic support, volunteer service opportunities, and expanded cultural opportunities.

For further information about the Oyster River Youth Initiative please contact The Rev. Dr. Mary Westfall, P.O. Box 310 Durham, NH 03824, 603/8681230

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