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The Oyster River Alumni Association Donates $5,000 to ORYI

July 6th, 2009  |  Published in News

The organizers of the Bobcat Bolt and Oyster River Festival and Presenting sponsor Gault Builders are proud to announce that in the inaugural year of the events, we will be able to commit a donation of $5,000 to The Oyster River Youth Association via Oyster River Alumni Association’s non-profit. This $5,000 is donated in the names of Josh and Nate Hardy.

Thanks to all the runners and community members who donated their time and money to make this day, and this donation, a reality.

Mary Westfall, ORYI Director, had this to say about the Bobcat Bolt and OR Fest’s donation:

The Bobcat Bolt and Oyster River Festival were an amazing experience of “community.”  To watch children and adults, runners and artists, musicians and community members, alumni and local business people all share in a day of celebration and remembrance was truly a gift and a joy.  Additionally, the day helped create increased support, awareness and funds for a local teen center.  As the Chair of the Oyster River Youth Initiative (ORYI), the beneficiary of the proceeds from this special event, I am delighted by the results.  A teen center for Oyster River Youth got an incredible boost from this event and we are thrilled.  Though it was the loss of two of our community’s best, Josh and Nate Hardy, that was the impetus for the event, we hope to take the loving memories of those young men and create something inspiring, nurturing and engaging for many other young people in our community.  We are deeply appreciative of all those who helped plan this event and all who came out to participate.  It was a beautiful and healing demonstration of what community is all about, and embodied the values we hope to promote with the teen center and its program and activities for years to come. Thanks to all!!!!”

The Rev. Dr. Mary E. Westfall
ORYI, Chair

On behalf of Ben, Anita, Jamie, the many sponsors and everyone else who contributed I want to express the organizer’s deep appreciation and humble gratitude to all who participated in the Bolt and the Oyster River Festival.

And a very special thanks to Gault Builers and all of the sponsors and those who generously donated. Without these members of our community, who believed in this event from the start and contributed financially in a down economy…the donation to ORYI and the event itself could not have happened.  Thank you all so much. See you next year!

Christopher Jerard

Race Director

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