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The 2011 Bobcat Bolt “Team Challenge” Announced!

March 17th, 2011  |  Published in News

The 2011 Bobcat Bolt Team Challenge – Be a team player.

Create a group and enter a team. Divisions for UNH and Oyster River teams – both alums and current teams. Simply enter your team name, up to six members per team, in the online registration under “Team Name”:Click here for online registration.

Alums (and their families) from the UNH Gymnastic team set the bar in 2010 – for participation and competition.

Team Challenge
Coach Gail Goodspeed snapped the picture above. From left to right:Rose (Kosowski-’01) Walsh –ran 10K and son Nolan, Katy (Fader-’00)Lilly (just had knee scoped-didn’t run but supported) with son Jack-ran 5K and daughter Maggie; Andy Haskell – husband of Jill (Cavalieri-’99) and Jill-supporters; Katie (Revis-’02) Carney-ran 5K; Jen(Dickson-’04) Ganly-ran 10K; Meghan (Ochs-’97) Nickulas with daughter in front-Rileigh(ran in jelly shoes—long story); Jana (Reardon-’97) and Mark Mowers – ran 5 K—Mark ran with the kids (Greta and Gracie — in front); and Nikki (Villella ’97) Shawley-ran 5K.

The official team entry with times
Jana Reardon Mowers (‘97) 5K 25.45
Meghan Ochs Nickulas (‘97) 5K 27.02
Nicole Villella Shawley (‘97) 5K 31.16
Katie Revis Carney (‘02) 5K 28.42
Rose Kosowski Walsh (‘01) 10K 59.01
Jen Dickson Ganly (‘04) 10K 59.01

For “record” purposes, we have halved the 10K time of Rose Kosowski Walsh and Jen Dickson Ganly, and added 29.30 to the other four 5K times, thereby establishing the 5K official UNH Alum team record of: 2.22.15

The UNH Gymnastics Alums team has thrown down the challenge to UNH Men’s Hockey Alums or any other UNH Alum groups to enter a 6 person team, with the best five times counting. Will the Hockey team answer?

“Current” Team Competition
UNH Men’s and Women’s Ice Hockey both entered 5 person teams, and thereby set the new records in their categories, as follows

UNH Men’s Hockey — Steve Moses, Gregory Burke, Damon Kipp, Matt Campanale, Mike Sislo 22:28 22:55 22:55 22:57 26:11 = 1:57:26

UNH Women’s Hockey – Raylen Dziengelewski, Courtney Birchard, Kayley Herman (2 names needed) – 26:23 26:23 26:25 26:55 26:55 = 2:13:01

Plenty of time to organize and enter a team, for a day of fun and a good cause.

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