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June 28th, 2011  |  Published in News

The 2011 Bobcat Bolt and Oyster River Festival are on the books – and a very memorable event at that! The rain came fast and furious, but our runners, volunteers and community stood strong and weathered the storm with nothing but smiles.
That is truly the spirit of this event – inspired by Josh and Nate Hardy.

There are many thank yous in order. First and foremost, thank you to the group of volunteers who work months in advance to bring the event together. Anita Mathur, Jeff Lang, Ben Hardy, Robyn and Andrew Gault, Sarah Cox and Donaldo Trejo all went above and beyond to make this year happen.

We added another event to the roster with the Kids Fun Run and the it was a huge success under Donaldo’s leadership and definitely brought the biggest smiles of the day.

Big thanks to our premiere sponsors:
Gault Builders, Durham Market Place, Sperry Tents, Fosters Daily Democrat,
Minute Men Painters, Bugaboo Creek Steak House

And to our private and corporate donors:

Erl Hardy, Liberty Mutual, Durham Community Church, Direct Capital, Lenk Orthodontics, The Masiello Group, Bluewater Mortgage, Shaheen Gordan, People’s Bank, Clearly Cleaners, Runner’s Alley, The Great Bay Rotary Club, Ricci Lumber, Schoonmaker Architects, Woodbury Family Practice, Wonderlake Media, The Bagelry, Breaking New Grounds, Dr Dugas and Bragdon, Robert Goodhue, Durham Fire Department, Boy Scout Troop #154

The Team Challenge also brought lots of interest – and controversy!
The competitive spirit that burns in these past and present UNH and ORHS athletes never goes away and several of the teams have inquired about the full results for fact checking purposes. There is even an official dispute pending. I am obtaining the details from our timing contractor asap to review.

Thanks to the entire Seacoast running community and the Oyster River community for coming out and supporting this event. I hope everyone had a good race! Please dont hesitate to email me with feedback at Im sure there are things we can improve on – and I’m very open to suggestions from the community. Thanks!

Race Director
Christopher Jerard

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