Bobcat Bolt

Team Competition

The Bobcat Bolt Team Competition is a great opportunity for past and present ORHS and UNH alumni and faculty teammates to get out and challenge themselves against other teams from the ORHS and UNH communities.

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2012 Winners


_UNH Women’s Hockey

_Tri-City Christian Academy Boys


_UNH Women’s Hockey Alums

_ORHS Girls Volleyball Alums

_ORHS Boys Hockey Alums


_UNH KIN Faculty Staff

_UNH EOS Faculty Staff

Bobcat Bolt Team Rules 2013

1. Teams are comprised of either 4 or 5 individuals. Team time is determined by the total of the fastest 4 times.


2. All team runners must be entered in the 5K run.


3. There are FOUR team divisions:


A. Alum teams from ORHS or UNH athletics – teams are comprised of past members of teams of specific sports and genders – e.g. ORHS Boys Soccer, UNH Gymnastics

B. Current teams from seacoast area high schools or UNH athletics – all team entrants must have been on active roster for 2012-2013.

C. Faculty/Staff teams from ORHS or UNH departments – all team entrants must have worked in the same department and been on the UNH payroll during 2012-2013. This can include part-time coaches, graduate/teaching assistants, or adjunct faculty.

E. Veterans Division – all who have served in military service are eligible to create a team and compete in the veterans division.

4. Team Registration – The online registration includes options for “Division” and “Team Name”. In order to expedite accurate team results, it is vital that each team member enter the exact same TEAM NAME and be sorted in the correct DIVISION. (See below for example of registration page) – i.e. “Alum,” “Current,” or Faculty/Staff.” This should be followed by the team name – e.g. ORHS Boys Basketball, UNH Athletics Dept.

5. All team runners must be registered online by Friday, June 21 at noon. There can be no changes in team composition after that point. This is to ensure time for the race director to check team registrations for consistency and accuracy.





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