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JUNE 17th, 2017 – The 9th Annual Bobcat Bolt and Kids Fun Run [SAVE THE DATE!]

February 26th, 2017  |  Published in News, Photos, Registration

Headed into the 9th Annual Bobcat Bolt and Kids Fun Run and the members of the Bolt organizing committee could not be more excited to see how the community will turn out this year!

We’re busy finding sponsors, setting up the permits and facility access and designing the 9th custom t-shirt and deciding on real 100% New Hampshire or Maine maple syrup for the Pancake Breakfast.

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The 3rd Annual Pancake Breakfast hosted by ORAA promises to bring out runners and non-runners alike. Come on down for a pancake breakfast with the family!

Tune in to Facebook for more updates and info on the regular and here on the Bobcat Bolt website.

Please direct any race day questions to Chris Jerard: or
If you’re interested in supporting the Bobcat Bolt as a sponsor please contact:Robyn
If you’re interested in volunteering please contact: Jeff Lang:

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