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New Partners Join The Bolt for May 9th Event

March 29th, 2009  |  Published in Uncategorized

Fosters Daily Democrat and WHEB, two of the regions best known and most respected media outlets in their respective mediums, have joined The Bobcat Bolt and Oyster River Festival as media partners. The Bobcat Bolt team is pleased to have such strong media partners to help spread the word of this great day!

Durham Market Place and Runner’s Alley have also joined The Bobcat Bolt team as partners and will contribute to the inaugural event in essential support roles.

Runner’s Alley will offer on-site registrations at their stores and customers will receive $10.00 off race registration with a purchase from the store.

“Runner’s Alley tries to give back to the Seacoast by supporting any running
events that give back to it’s community. Bobcat Bolt not only fits with our
philosophy, but allows us to help make a difference in a community that has
taken two tragic deaths and turned it into something positive for the family
and the community. We’re honored to participate,” says Runners Alley’s Jeanine Sylvester.

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