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Gault Builders Presents: The 2010 Bobcat Bolt and Oyster River Festival!

March 2nd, 2010  |  Published in Uncategorized

Gault Builders has re-joined the Bolt and OR Fest as the presenting sponsor in 2010. Andrew and Robyn Gault’s support of the community vision has been absolutely essential to the success of this event in year one! Thanks Gault Builders!

“Last year’s Bobcat Bolt brought the community together in a way that was pretty extraordinary,” said Andrew Gault, President of Gault Builders. “The strong participation across the community and our ability to successfully donate to the OR Teen Initiative in the first year of the event, brings great optimism for what we can do again this year.”

The community support for this event is amazing. The Gault’s are in the center of that support leading the way. Check out GB’s amazing quality work at

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