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Bobcat Bolt Momentum! Exeter Hospital and Sperry Tents Seacoast Join the Bolt!

April 15th, 2009  |  Published in Uncategorized

Exeter Hospital and Sperry Tents have joined the ranks of The Bobcat Bolt partner group.

These two companies have joined the community effort and are both providing essential support to making this inaugural year a giant success.

“Without the support of these sponsors we would not be where we are in our first year. This event hasn’t even happened yet and the community is supporting it full-on. From Robyn and Andrew Gault who believed in the vision from the beginning by giving us the much needed kick-start coming on as the presenting sponsor to Minute Men Painters, Durham Market Place, our media partners, Foster and WHEB, and all the rest (see “sponsors page”), we are so grateful for the support that this community has put forward to the event in the first year. In these tough economic times, to see so many people reach deep with money, time and support – it’s truly a testament to the strength of this community,” says Race Director Christopher Jerard.

Sperry Tents stepped in to provide a much needed service for the post-race festival and will be putting up some gorgeous tents to protect the musicians and exhibitors from the elements no matter what the day brings for weather and provide a real festival-feel to the whole event. Check out these tents at!

“Sperry Tents values being a part of this community and appreciates the
opportunity to support local and non-profit events. Our involvement in
events like the Bobcat Bolt are a great way for the company to give
back. A unique Sperry tent brings an eye-catching level of
sophistication and atmosphere to any venue which is vital to an event’s
success,“ said Bancroft Potter of Sperry Tents.

Exeter Hospital reached out and contributed to the cause as well.

Debra Vasapolli, Senior Marketing Analyst at Exteter Hospital commented on the hosptial’s decision to get involved with the Bolt.

“Exeter Hospital is pleased to support the Bobcat Bolt and festival. The mission of the hospital is to improve the health of the communities it serves and this event provides an opportunity to help fulfill that mission. The Bobcat Bolt is founded on a legacy of service, community commitment and extraordinary courage. We are glad to be a part of this inaugural event and look forward to its ongoing growth and that of the Oyster River Youth Initiative.”

With less than a month to race day – the Bolt gains momentum everyday!

We would also like to thank Delta Dental and The Rotary Club of Durham Great Bay for their recent generous donations to the event and Oyster River Youth Initiative. Thank you!

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