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Thank You to a Special Family

February 17th, 2012  |  Published in News

The organizers of the Bobcat Bolt would like to send a huge thank you out to a very special family – The Gaults. Ive been friends with the Gaults my entire life and they never cease to amaze me as individuals and as a great big unit of love and energy.

Andrew and Robyn Gault and their company Gault Builders have been supportive sponsors of the event since our inception. The family has always been in attendance and it is a treat to see many of them at the event each year, running, volunteering, and spending time at the festival.

But recently, the entire family pooled their resources to make a financial donation. I received the following note from Mary Ann Gault. It was an incredible show of generosity and support for the vision of the event – and wanted to share it with the community:

Dear Chris,

This Christmas, the Gault family decided to forgo our usual gift exchange and make a donation instead. We chose the Bobcat Bolt to receive the money we would have spent on each other. The choice was a unanimous one because Josh and Nate Hardy have been dear to our family and we want to honor their memory.

Robyn has deposited our check for $1105.00 into the ORAA account. We’re proud to add our support to the efforts Robyn and Andrew have made to build up this fund.

Keep up the good work. Happy New Year.
Ralph and Mary Ann, Ralph, April, Christian, Jaime, Dan, Sarah, Andrew, Robyn, Anne, Catherine, John, Michael, Nicholas, Benjamin and Max

On behalf of the Bobcat Bolt – thank you Mary Ann and all of the Gaults for supporting the event and honoring Josh and Nate. We’ll see you in May!

Thank you!
Christopher Jerard

If you are interested in donating to the event in the honor of Nate and Josh Hardy, please send your donation online HERE or directly to:

ORAA – Bobcat Bolt
PO Box 320
Durham, NH 03824

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