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Announcement: The Oyster River Festival music line-up

April 5th, 2009  |  Published in Uncategorized

The following ten musical acts will be performing at the Oyster River Festival, 9am-5pm, May 9th:

ORMS Jazz Band
Sam Southworth of Codfish Aristocracy
Mike Merenda of the Mammals with Chris Merenda and Pierce Woodward
The Road Cases
Jim Devlin
Scott Barnett Band
Waterfront Park String Band

The organizers of the Bobcat Bolt and The Oyster River Festival are so grateful to all of these great musicians who are donating their time and talent to this community event. “The response to our call for music was amazing. Our Music Director, Ben Hardy, reached out to his network and immediately found a deep pool of talent willing to perform for the Festival. Anita Mathur, Festival Director, did a little advertising for more interest and within a few days we were, sadly, having to turn musicians away. It’s going to be an amazing day of music for Durham,” said Bobcat Bolt Director Christopher Jerard.

This inaugural event is the beginning of a great springtime tradition for Durham. A gathering of Oyster River alumni, Durham families, and Seacoast NH community members to come together and view local exhibitors who will be sharing their cause, art, music and food in a family-friendly atmosphere.

The OR Festival will, like the Bobcat Bolt, will be fund raising for The Oyster River Youth Initiative in an effort to realize the construction of a youth center in Durham.

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