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Advice From a Past Bobcat Bolt Winner

June 10th, 2014  |  Published in Results, Running Tips, Training Tips

faculty_scookIn 2012 Summer Cook was the first female across the line in the Bobcat Bolt 5K. Clocking in at 20:50, she was nearly a minute and a half ahead of the next female runner.

Cook, who works as an Assistant Professor in the Kinesiology Department at UNH, took a little time out of her training for this year’s Bobcat Bolt to spill on that race, her training secrets and her thoughts on the event.

Did you go into the 2012 race with the aspiration to win?

Summer Cook (SC): No, not at all and I don’t feel like I really won because there were a couple of women 10 K runners ahead of me. I don’t normally do the 5K as I prefer longer distances, but that year I was running for the UNH Department of Kinesiology team, so I was trying to run well for my team.

Other than winning, what are some of things you most enjoyed about the Bobcat Bolt?

SC: I enjoy the community and family environment at the Bobcat Bolt. We like to support [the Hardy] family and the Oyster River school district since our kids are students in the district.  We also love watching our kids run the fun run .

It’s one month out from the 5K. What are you focused on, training-wise?

SC: I ran the Boston Marathon in April so I’m actually in a recovery period within my training. I have just been doing easy runs of about one hour and no speed workouts yet. I will likely be adding some speed workouts/ interval training within the next couple of weeks.

What advice would you give someone running the Bolt course for the first time?

SC: Enjoy this race. It’s a wonderful community event.

Talk nutrition. What are you eating the night before? Morning of?

SC: I am pretty strict with my nutrition before marathons, but I don’t really plan much the night before a 5K. I will have a normal dinner with a glass of wine. The morning of the race I typically eat a little bowl of cereal and a banana.

Goals for this year’s race?

SC: Since there is no 10K this year, I will definitely be doing the 5K. However, I am still trying to figure out if I’m going to race or if I will be running with my 7-year old daughter. I struggle with 5Ks because they seem so short for me and are so hard!  So if I race I definitely want to try to run under 20 minutes. If I run with my daughter she will probably be aiming to run under 29 minutes.

Look for Summer next week on Race Day for the 6th Annual Bobcat Bolt & Kids Fun Run! Race starts at 9:00AM on Saturday, July 21 at the Oyster River High School in Durham, NH.

Register online here.


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