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7th Annual Bobcat Bolt Photo Gallery & Thank YOU

June 21st, 2015  |  Published in Images, Information, News, Results

The 7th Annual Bobcat Bolt and Kids Fun Run is on the books and by all accounts was a big success.

Thanks to all of the runners, donors and families who contributed time and resources to make this day happen. Smiles and hugs for miles!

Thanks to Bugaboo Creek Steak House, Tony, Michelle and the crew who organized and put on the pancake breakfast! It was a huge hit.

And another very special thanks to our facility sponsor OYSTER RIVER HIGH SCHOOL. Without Todd Allen, Doris Demers, Timothy Kenaley, Marek Filip and the custodial staff and Debbie Poulin the Bolt would not be able to put this event on and donate to the Hardy awards with the consistency we’ve enjoyed over the last 7 years. ORHS’s support is essential. The Bobcat Bolt is grateful for continued support.

Thanks to ALL of the hard working volunteers (you know who you are!), especially the Gault family, the Hardy family, the Lang family, the Jerard family, Anita Mathur and Steve Wourgiotis and Donaldo Trejo. Without these units of dedicated people the event would not happen. Months of organizing combined with two days of labor!

Also thanks to Sperry Tents, Dave Ervin and the Middle School Jazz Band, Skylar “the Bobcat” Bagdon, UNH Athletics, Durham PD and Durham FD.

Special thanks to all our great sponsors who make it possible. Gault Builders, Carriage House Assisted Living,Seacoast United, Durham Dental, Exeter Hospital, Durham Market Place, Blue Water Mortgage, Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse, Direct Capital, Minute Men Painters, Inkwell, Timberline Signs, Cleary Cleaners, Ricci Lumber, Farag Family, Erl Hardy, Masiello Group, Federal Savings Bank, Douglas Group.

Thanks to Seacoast United for their continued support. Check out the Drive One 4 UR Community promotion that Paul Willis and his team are putting on. Details HERE.

And finally, HUGE thanks to all our sponsors. Please support them with your business:

Titanium Sponsors




Platinum Sponsors








Gold Sponsors


Silver Sponsors

Minute Men Painters

Durham Rotary


 Bronze Sponsors

Durham Community Church


Masiello Group

Federal Savings Bank

Douglas Group

Froyo World

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